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אפליקציית קארפול Carfully

Safe & Easy


Manage your kids' transportation needs

CarFully is the essential carpool application for both parents and children, to help them navigate through afterschool activities across the week with great ease of mind. CarFully was created by kids and parents so that carpooling can become a lot more organized, safe, and easy to use.


Schedule group rides

The dynamic app enables users to manage events and activities, down to the smallest of detail including: real-time locations of driver and kids, pick up and drop off times, arrival confirmations, sudden schedule changes, and much more.

Track kids in real time

There are essential alerts and notifications, SOS calls, ongoing task assignments, status verifications (drop off, pick up, arrivals), parent messages, or cancellations. The emergency, SOS button is simple to use by kids and keeps parents at ease. 


Worried about your child’s location or status now? Use the app’s shared status view, and provide them with the assistance they need, if and when they need it.


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אפליקציית קארפול Carfully

Our birth story

It all started with a very busy kid, and an even busier dad – who were struggling with the daily afternoon pick-ups and drop-offs. The million WhatsApp messages and late-night phone calls about where they’re each at, which parent can drive, who got on the ride, safety status…drove them nuts!


Luckily, both kid and father are very resourceful and tech-savvy individuals. They’ve decided to make life easier for themselves…and also for the trillion of parents and kids out there.


Meet them:

Amit Bohensky – Co-Founder & CEO

Proud father of 4, and serial entrepreneur: Co-founder & ChM at Zoomd (TSX: ZOMD), Founder CEO at Focal Info, Founder & CEO at Unicoders, partner at and more.


Itay Bohensky – Co-Founder

Brilliant 19 year old, currently serving in the IDF, entrepreneur and tech lover


Karen Shemesh – Partner & CMO
Happy mother, an experienced marketer, introducing superb solutions to solve worldly problems. 

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